Arts Arising - Important Information


Clothing and Prohibited Items

Students should wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in. Clothing should permit students to ďstand on their headĒ while maintaining their modesty. Clothing worn during Arts Arising will get paint, ink and clay on it. T-shirts and shorts or jeans work well. Shoes should be athletic type with socks.
  • No skirts or dresses

  • No clothes that you donít want ruined

  • No bare feet, sandals or flip flops

    ents should not bring

  • Cell phones

  • Games (electronic or otherwise) cards

  • Music playing devices

  • Art supplies

  • Sporting equipment



    Classroom teachers will ensure that student behavior is appropriate.  Appropriate behavior demonstrates respect for yourself, others and our environment. When infractions are serious or persistent, teachers issue students a strike. The actions taken when student receive a strike are based on the studentís cumulative total of strikes for the Arts Arising summer.

  • Strike 1 - Counseled by program director

  • Strike 2 - Telephone or email communication between the program director and students parents

  • Strike 3 - On site conference with program director and studentís parents.

    Extremely dangerous or serious actions by a student will be dealt with directly by the Arts Arising program director and may require immediate action.


    Due to the nature of the Arts Aring program, absences must be excused and any extended absences may require a medical excuse. Family vacation days are not excused absences. Likewise students are expected to be here from 8:30 until 3:30 each day. We give out important information at the end of the day and may distribute flyers and other materials at this time.  Please do not go to individual classrooms to pick up your child except in an emergency. Find the program director to get them. Doctors and dentist appointments should be coordinated so they do not interfere with the day at Arts Arising. The students are creating together and working towards an end project. The Open House is mandatory for all rising 4th - 7th graders. The Showcase is mandatory for all rising 5th - 7th graders. The students plan and rely on each other as parts of the performances, so to miss the performance can be detrimental to the remaining students. Chronic discipline problems or unexcused absences may result in probation and even suspension from the program for the next year.


    Students receive a written evaluation of their artistic growth and development during the program, which includes a numerical score. The evaluation is shared with the the student and their parents at the conclusion of the program. In addition to the teacher evaluations, students are encouraged to make self-evaluation part of their daily artistic process. Daily critiques by students, teachers and peers combined with student reflection and written evaluation of work are important parts of the creative process.


Drop off and pick up for Arts Arising is the front of the Daniels Arts Education Building. Enter the Fine Arts Centerís parking lot on Lyttleton or York Streets. The Daniels building is the structure with three sections connected by a ďUĒ shaped porch. There is a semicircle turn around at this end of the parking lot. Enter from the side where the small Douglas Reed house sits and pull up to the nearest place in the circle. There should be three cars loading across the front at all times. Monitors will direct you, so pay attention.  Traffic on the circle is for drop off and pick up.  It should not stop, so. if you need to park, pull into a parking spot out of the way of the circle.  Use extreme care when driving in the parking lot during this time.

8:15 am - earliest time to drop off students
3:45 pm - latest time to pick students up

Students will not have supervision in the morning before 8:15 am. Students consistently picked up after 3:45 pm may be required to pay a fee for teacher overtime.
Students are not permitted to walk in the parking lot without a parent.  If you donít want to wait in the car line, then you must meet your child on the sidewalk at 3:30 pm. Do not come onto the porch, but wait on the sidewalk. These students are the first dismissed.  

Health and Emergencies

Students are not permitted to participate in the program until a health/emergency contact form has been turned in.  We must have the form BEFORE the first day of camp
. You can mail it, drop it off or email it to
The Daniels Building has a room for isolating ill student until parents arrive to pick them up. Faculty will administer appropriate general first aid.  Students who require medication during the hours of the program may bring this medication with them. The appropriate school district medication form should be brought with any medication.  The medication must be in its original bottle with written instructions affixed to the container and must be accompanies by both the school district form completed by the parent or guardian and a note from the prescribing physician - this applies to over-the-counter medications also. The medication will be maintained and administered under the  direction of the program director or assistant director. It is critical that parents of guardians provide a phone number where any of the adults who can assume responsibility for the child can be reached. In the event of injury or illness that requires the student to be dismissed for the day or to see a physician, the program director or assistant will contact the parent at the phone number and location identified on the health/emergency data form.  In the event of serious injury or illness the program director will use the services of the Kershaw County Medical Center in Camden. Parent and guardians will be contacted as soon as practical for their advice and guidance and notified where and when to meet the student and the Arts Arising staff.