Hot school lunch is provided each day if your child wishes.  It includes milk. We will provide a menu as soon as we know it on the FACEBOOK page. If your student chooses to bring their own lunch, then they must bring their own beverage. Milk is for the cafeteria lunches only. There is not a soda or snack machine or microwave available for student use.


Interdisciplinary Activities
One of the most successful curriculum approaches used in the Arts Arising programs has been the interdisciplinary activities. Students work not only in their own core subject, but one of the other areas, music, theatre, visual art or dance each day. This challenges student to broaden their horizons in their own art area and across the arts.

Maintaining a personal journal is an important component of the Arts Arising program. Students learn to express personal views about art and how art relates to the world. Core area teachers set aside time each day for students to record their thoughts concerning  the word and question of the day relating to our theme. Teachers lead discussions prior to and after the writing where they share and discuss ideas. They are encouraged to use the writing as part of the studio process and indeed, during the last seven days of Arts Arising, student will pull from some of these thoughts when writing their own show. The journaling  process requires the students to formalize their ideas and is an important and critical addition to the creative process.