Theatre Classes

Funny by Friday              

Ages 16 and up

Cost $50

Learn the art of funny, starting with theatre basics and quickly moving to sketch writing and performance. This intensive class moves at a fast pace and culminated in an evening performance. Instructor: Frank Thompson



Jan 28, Jan 30, Feb 4, Feb 6, Feb 11, Feb 13, Feb 14, Feb 15


Miscast Broadway Week

Ages 15 and up

Cost: $50

Description: Ever wanted to be Javert in Les Misérables but you couldn’t because you are a girl? Ever wanted to be Christine from Phantom of the Opera but you couldn’t because you are a boy? WELL… Now it is your turn! During Miscast Broadway week you will perform roles you otherwise may never play! YOU MUST COME WITH 2 CONTRASTING PIECES ALREADY MEMORIZED AND READY TO SING WITH KARAOKE TRACKS!!!! Choose from: different gender, different race, different voice type, etc.

#300 - One week of class, March 18 - 23

Showcase March 23 at 5 pm


Spring19 Musical Extravaganza 

All ages

Cost: $50

Description: During this Spring edition of our duets and groups class we combine our young and our old! It is so important for children to learn to work with adults in the theatre and vice versa. During this class children and adults will work together on duets and together on group numbers. You will be performing 3 group numbers! These numbers have already been chosen and will be announced on the first day of class! On your first day, you will be assigned duet/small groups and given your number to perform! The goal is to convey emotion and tell a story with the members of your groups! Register by - 3/29/2019


Apr 1, Apr 8, Apr 13, Apr 15, Apr 22, Apr 27, Apr 29, May 6, May 13, May 17


80’s Prom Night Mystery

Ages 15 and up

Cost $30

Description: Whodunit! Guests will come in costume to a themed murder mystery night! Throughout the night they will try to figure out who murdered the victim! ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED PLEASE EMAIL ME AT TO VOTE ON WHICH MURDER MYSTERY WE WILL DO! The choices are Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad or Once Upon A Murder! Once I have enough entries information will be sent to those who have registered!

#303 May 24, 2019